TatsianaTatsiana Yakubenia-Skiba (BY/PL)- pianist,chamber musician, piano teacher. Tatsiana Yakubenia-Skiba was born in 1987 in Mołodeczno, eastern Belarus. She began the piano when she was 7 years old at Primary Music School in the class of Prof. Firiulinoj Ernestiny Pietrovny. She has continued piano education with Prof. Tatarinceva Natalia Maksimielianovna  at Secondary Music School in Mołodeczno .

During 1998-2004 was selected to participate in prestigious support program established by Belarussian Government and awarded scholarship, given to the most talentem youth.


She has played concerts and recitals in: Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany. She honed her musik skills as participant of  many masterclasses led by many outstanding pianists and educators. 

She studied piano performance at the Cracow Music Academy in the class of dr hab. Mariusz Sielski and in 2012 she received a diploma of Master. After graduating she has started work as a piano teacher.

Since 2015 She has been working as a piano educator in ZPSM im. Mieczysława Karłowicza. Her students have won many national and international competitions. 

Since 2012 Tatsiana Yakubenia-Skiba has been performing as a accompanist of saxophone class . Her anchievements include many awards and distinctions in  national and international competitions for woodwinds and saxophone.

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