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International Summer Saxophone Workshops are organized every year in Szczecinek, a town in the north-west of Poland.

This is a unique opportunity for students to meet in such a charming place as Szczecinek, during a pleasant summer season of the year and to master their skills under the supervision of the best instrumentalists and teachers. The instructors we have invited are excellent musicians, willing to devote their time to teach young talented students.

Saxophone Workshops’ goal is to help the participants improve their performance technique and skills by practicing the repertoire suggested by the participants themselves, joining in in instrumental ensembles, as well as performing concerts at the end of the workshops. During the time of the workshops participants have as well the chance to discover the beauty of the Drawsko Lake District and integrate during both the classes and recreational activities. It is also a great opportunity to admire the performances of the masters of saxophone on daily evening concerts.

What do we offer for fulltime participants?panda3

- 5 individual classes,

- participation in instrumental ensembles,

- passive participation in all classes,

- participation in the concert and lectures,

- leisure activities.

What do we offer for passive participants?

- participation in instrumental ensembles,

- passive participation in classes


Fulltime participant with accomodation and meals 400 €

Fulltime participant without accomodation 320 €

Fulltime participant without accomodation and meals 250 €

Passive participant without accomodation and meals 100 €


To take part in the workshop you should fill application form available from April 1, 2020.

Entry fee: 100 € send to:

Szczecineckie Towarzystwo Muzyczne

Bank account number:

73 1020 2791 0000 7202 0120 7513


The deadline for accepting applications is June 1, 2020 or after the places are fully booked.


Multifunctional Family Support Facility (Wielofunkcyjna Placówka Pomocy Rodzinie)

address: ul. Wiatraczna 1, 78-400 Szczecinek, tel. +48 94 374 06 18


1. Participants cover their arrival costs on their own.

2. The participants’ guardians are required to book individual accommodation.

3. The organizers provide a guardian in the place of the accommodation.

Samorządowa Agencja Promocji i Kultury, ul. Kilińskiego 1, 78-400 Szczecinek
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